Roatan Excursions 

        Shore & off Shore 

​​​   Birds  and Monkey Park


Customize tours with places and things you want 

Can take care of any size group

    tours durations  2 - 5 hrs.

​​​​​      Sightseeing Beach & Snorkel  


​​​   Snorkeling  


​              ​Relax after Tours  &  Excursions  ​Fish catch  fillet and cook  


​​​​​​​​birds & monkeys  garden park

beach and  snorkel $95   



Delicious Food,  Great Guides! Book Your Trip Today! charters from $130 $150 $170 $240 $320  Transport $30  


​​​   Sloth  Tour


​​​Meet Roatan sloths ​​​​see these cuddly looking animals, visit Roatan Museum and hand made jewelry store beach time and go shopping $130 admission included    



Visit breath taking views of  the Island visit hand made jewelry shop made from conch shell enjoy sunbathing on the beach snorkeling & lunch $140 


​​​   Fishing  Tour


​​​Garifuna Tour 



Monkey around in monkey town go shopping and enjoy beach time $70



​   Beach Time 


​​​   Monkey Time


Visit the Museum and the hand made jewelry store and go  ​​​​​​​​​​Snorkeling  $95 


Private Tours

Private Pick Up       Drop Off 

​​​​     Iguana Isle 



​​​​From the ship to the beach enjoy sunbathing snorkeling & beach hopping​ $110





Visit the friendly lizards at the farm creepy looking but harmless creatures $95 




visit the Garifuna village beach hopping sunbathing and snorkeling  $95